Idyll for large orchestra (2010)

Duration: 16 minutes
Orchestration: 3*233* - 4431 - 3 perc - timp - harp - piano - strings
Commissioned by the University of Uppsala.

Performed by the Royal Academic Orchestra, conducted by Stefan Karpe.
Live recording from Iglesia de la Anunciación in Sevilla, Spain, the 25th of November 2010



Score and orchestral parts are published by the Swedish Music Information Centre.


"Amygdala" is a kind of idyll for large orchestra, with a nightmarish interlude. The title alludes to the almond-shaped part of the brain that controls our immediate responses of fear and pleasure.

In the opening idyll there are some bothering and annoying elements, that later expands disproportionately to a hysterical state of panic, a horrifying alarm. After a two-front war between nightmare and idyll, the third and conclusive part opens with a cantilena in the woodwinds. The nightmare is now neutralized, and the themes from the two previous parts are fused together in a synthesis, and a - presumably - happy ending.