(Dream of Sorrow)

for clarinet, two violins, viola and cello (2011)

Commisioned by the Linköping Chamber Music Festival.
Duration: 10 minutes

Performed by Staffan Mårtensson, clarinet and the Vlach Quartet.
Live recording (private, of bootleg quality) from the Linköping Chamber Music Festival, the 20th of August 2011.



Published by the Swedish Music Information Centre.


This piece was commissioned by the Linköping Chamber Music Festival in 2011, where I was the "Composer in Residence" of the year.

"Sorgedröm" means approximately "Dream of Sorrow", and was written in commemoration of two persons close to me, that had recently died.

The piece starts with the string quartet playing an infinitely sad chorale, whereafter the clarinet appears and the second part is unleashed: the dream state. The clarinet is the dreamer that leads the ensemble through the sorrows, and after a climax, the string quartet introduces the most odd birds in counterpoint. This leads to a sort of cadenza for the clarinet, after which the chorale appears once more - but now with the shattering lamentations of the clarinet added. 

"Sorgedröm" was premiered by the festival's brilliant artistic leader, Staffan Mårtensson, and the incomparable Vlach Quartet from Prag.